Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 8: A Different Me

This week proved challenging for the runner in me. I am not sure what it is, but I feel different. Not bad different, just different. Maybe the chiller side of me is coming out, or maybe I am just coming down with a cold...but the fierce runner in me was non-existent this week.

On a lighter note, for the first time this entire summer, I felt somewhat at home in Seattle. The challenges didn't seem so daunting, the beauty seemed to stand out more brilliantly & the city seemed to accept me. Part of the beauty of discovering a new city is having the hubs by my side. Ever since we left the great NYC, we have spent so much more time together. And I can honestly say I don't hate the guy, I actually think he makes me a better person when all is said & done. The commitment phobe in me is shaking a bit, but I truly mean it.

But back to running, the little there is to report:

Wednesday: Showed up just on time to take on the weekly ESR speed workout, consisting of 200/200/200/800 x 3. I excelled at the fast pace through the whole workout, minus the last 400 where I once again blew up. But it was more mental than anything, my legs could take it...but my mind was elsewhere. Proud to say that I was running the 200's at 43 sec pace.

Saturday: Re-ran my first workout w/ ESR in Mercer Island. This time with one of my running crushes, R, who kept me on my feet the entire time as we shared a mutual silence in the woods. Nicely enough we picked up the pace the last 3 miles & I was able to keep up with him for all but the last quarter mile hill. When we finished, the rest of the group who had run shorter looked at the two of us like we were insane as we sprinted to the end of a long, hilly 10 miler.

Sunday: Visiting my hometown, the hubs & I hiked/ran Mt. Peak. A challenging course, yes, but not a runners run.

Distance: Maybe close to 20, eek
State of Mind: We'll see what next week holds...