Monday, November 30, 2009

First day of training for the Phoenix half. I feel a little stale with my current routine & my 7 week training schedule isn't really exciting me. May need to pump it up a bit to get over this mental hump.

Did an easy loop around Ft. Greene park, it was dark, cold & rainy...but I liked the refreshing break from the group run.

Distance: 3.5 miles
State of Mind: easily

Sunday, November 29, 2009

With family leaving town today, I eventually had time for an easy run as the sun was setting. I went out with the intention of taking it pretty slow & just enjoying the end of the day but I got caught in my single-minded spirit of trying to pick off as many runners as possible. Sometimes I truly wonder what my problem is, can't I just enjoy an evening run without the drive to "progress".

Distance: 5.3 miles
State of Mind: Starting my training for the Phoenix half...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

After being completely snoozing the last few days, I peeled myself out of bed for the 8am group run. Thinking that no one would show up, I almost didn't join BUT I was surprised to see so many people braving the wind & cold.

We ended up doing both Brooklyn & Manhattan bridge, following by the riverside parks & promenade. I felt great almost the entire time, the weather didn't hurt at was simple gorgeous. Plus, the wind really has a way of lifting my spirits.

Distance: 11.6 miles
State of Mind: Great way to start a weekend

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ran in the Turkey Trot 5 miler today, was both nervous & excited about putting myself out there again after my poor performance at Van Cortland a few weeks back. The hubs & I made our way down to the crazy start, it was great seeing so many familiar faces. I started off the race with a even 7 min split at the mile & held a pretty consistent pace the rest of the race. I felt really in control & spent most of my time running next to D, who is always an inspiration. A few other PPTC'ers were around us, some of which I passed & some I just couldn't keep up with. But instead of focusing on others, I truly tried to just keep myself positive. Something I am working on.

Distance: 1.5 mile warmup, 5 mile race at 36:23, 1.5 mile warmdown
State of Mind: Pleased

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did a quick run around Ft. Greene park tonight, more of a mental release than a physical one. Not my mileage this week, which feels great.

Distance: 3 miles
State of Mind: gobble, gobble

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Philadelphia Marathon Weekend

Had a great weekend running & watching some amazing runners put their hearts out on the line. To start off, I did an easy run with the group on Saturday morning, heading to the bridge & back before getting ready for my first ever trip to Philadelphia.

After we arrived in Philly, S & her brother invited me to join them on a scenic run of the city. We headed out of O.C. across the Ben Franklin into N.J., through urine tunnel & into No. Philly for a really revitalizing run. It was great to have new company & to see a whole new city.

On mile 20, after little sleep, we all headed to mile 20 to watch the race. All the PPTCers looked great, we definitely had a fun time cheering the racers on while listening to the Rocky soundtrack on repeat. As soon as we saw A, we joined in with her & finished the last 6 miles. The energy was great & made me want to be running more than just the last few miles of the race.

I don't care what people say, it takes some serious guts to run the way we do. To put all of your training on the line & hope for your dreams to come true. Watching the runners, I think I could see how non-runners might have a hard time understanding what is so tough...but they seriously have no idea what heartbreak we all have felt to get to the places we have got.

Distance: 24 miles (for the weekend)
State of Mind: Invigorated by others

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heading down to Philadelphia today to support some amazing friends who are bravely running the marathon tomorrow. So inspiring, plus it's my first time in Philly.

Met up with the group today for an easy run, ran with J on the way out to the bridge & with S on the way back. Felt good to go slow, I think my body appreciated the pace.

But we will see how my second run of the day goes, with the Scott family. I am actually a little scared.

Now I must start prepping for the Phoenix Half, very excited about running in AZ this January.

Distance: 8 miles
State of Mind: Calm

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yoga practice tonight was elevated to a whole new level! Ali literally turned my world upside down with unique variations, completely new poses & a spirit of someone who truly enjoys each & every moment of her life. I feel blessed just being in her presence.

We also did something that I have never done before, thai massage. We partnered up & used our bodies to literally push our partners to whole new levels. I was fortunate enough to have my yoga crush choose me as her partner, which was mind blowing. And not toxic at all.

Distance: n/a
State of Mind: Completely cleansed, ready to take it all on

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ran with the group tonight, didn't feel so slow/bad so maybe things are a-changing. It really is so nice to run with such an ecletic bunch, I wish all the Philly marathons luck this weekend. Can't wait to watch.

Distance: 5.35 miles
State of Mind: Not really caring...but that's okay

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Enjoyed an easy run mid-morning with the hubs on our day off together. Again, he easily kept a pace much quicker than mine but taking away the sadness of my slowness, it was really fun to be with him. We grabbed bagels from Bergen Bagel after the run, so yummy.

Distance: 5.35 miles
State of Mind: A little blank

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Headed up to Van Cortland today for the XC Championships 5K. Truthfully, I wasn't really into the idea of running it, I think part of me just didn't want to miss out on a race. Maybe the whole not-doing-marathoners mindset is creeping into my decisions in ways I can't quite recognize.

The place was packed with what seemed to be post collegiate runners, which made me feel a little out of place. But I love Van Cortland & I thought it would be fun to get out there & run a fast 5K.

But, oh boy, was I wrong. From the minute I started the race, I was spent. I found the whole race extremely challenging, the uphills just as much as the downhills. I truthfully was pushing so hard (I was wearing a heartrate monitor to prove it) BUT my pace was ungodly slow. And got slower by the moment. I ended the race feeling embarrassed.

Distance: 1 mile warm up, 5k (not giving the time), 1 mile warmdown
State of Mind: Is this a sign?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Woke up tired this morning, but still excited to run. Met up with the group & did a moderately paced run, full of boys boys & more boys. Such a great way to keep inspired, but it would help if the weather would get even a little more warmer.

My foot bothered me just once, which is great news! But still trying to figure out why I have so much energy some days while others I struggle to hold a consistent pace. I am becoming more & more confident that this has to do with my new vegetarian lifestyle but not quite sure how to adjust.

Invited G over afterwards, for some yummy homemade granola. Only wish he would have stayed longer.

Distance: ~9.5 miles
State of Mind: Up & down

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Accidentely had a glass of wine before yoga practice tonight, but I think it helped me more than hurt me. Allowing my mind to relax a bit, I was able to deepen by thoughts & let go more than usual. Really nice. I am noticing more & more that my feet are starting to bother me, yoga sure brings out the pain in a big way. Hopefully I can run through it & keep my health up, which is my #1 priority.

Distance: n/a
State of Mind: Calm & strangely happy with it

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have read a few different articles lately about what it takes to win & it seems the overwhelming recommendation is to "think positive thoughts". Seems simple enough, right? But when thinking about my own running, truth be told, I rarely think positive thoughts about my pace, my training, my racing, my fitness. At the end of the day I don't want to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ran with the group tonight, was a fun run especially with a new bubbly experienced runner named Deidre. A runner's runner, for sure. Afterwards H & I headed to her pad to do a mini workout routine, which we did while listening to hour of power. Was really nice to spend time with such an amazing girl.

Distance: 6.5 miles + winter weights routine
State of Mind: The cold is coming...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is the 9th week of the speed session this season & I still am not feeling it. No matter what I do, I just can't seem to motivate myself into running faster when I know I am better than what I am producing. But, I wanted to give it another go tonight just to see where I ended up.

Coach had us do 800's with a 4 minute recovery. Wow, what a long recovery. I felt pretty good the entire time, but after each 200, I wanted to quit. Which is so not me. But I powered through & held pretty good times, only leaving R in front of me until the last one when 3 or 4 ladies just zoomed past me. What gives them the energy that I am lacking?

Ran down to the track, which gave me some good miles & ran up Court on the way home to have dinner with my bro. At least I felt good on the warmup/cooldown.

Distance: 3.5 mile warm up, 5 x 800's at 3:17, 3:14, 3:14, 3:09; 3:14, 1 mile warmdown
State of Mind: Yuck...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Easy run with HM & H tonight, except it isn't too easy running with those way faster than me. But, nonetheless, it was fun & I was full of energy. Which is always a good thing.

Distance: 3.35 miles + 2 mile bike
State of Mind: Running definitely makes the days go by faster.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Went on a little double date hike up to Bear Mountain today. On the way up, I compared the value of living in the country & commuting into the city vs living in the city & commuting out to the country. The longer & longer I live in NYC, the more I miss the great outdoors & see the city as merely the place I put my time in to work & afford my life. But will I always feel this way??? Who is to say.

The hike was absolutely beautiful though. We decided to do a 4 miler that was quite difficult at times, but well worth the views at the top. Besides the amount of people on the trails, it was ideal in every way. Plus, I just loved watching H work her magic.

After the hike, H recommended we run across the BM bridge that looks over the Hudson. It was a little nerveracking but incredibly beautiful.

Distance: 4 mile hike/run + 2.5 mile run

State of Mind: "Life is worth living" signs were posted all over the bridge...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Excited to get out & enjoy the beautiful weekend, I met up with the group for a long run. Since many are recovering from the NYC marathon, it was interesting to notice that few people wanted to go long. In a way, living here & being part of PPTC makes very much follow the same training program as the marathoners, without the races to prove it. Not sure I care, but I may need to start proving myself one of these days.

Since it was so gorgeous, we headed out to the Promenade & over Brooklyn to Manhattan bridge. We ended up running on the North end of the Manhattan bridge, which was different & nice. After we were back in Brooklyn, H, S & I headed to the Y to for our weights routine.

Although I am really loving the idea of doing weights, I am so not a gym rat. But I do feel like it will help get through this winter.

Distance: 10.9 miles + resistance training
State of Mind: What a perfect way to start the weekend

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am beginning to think that the last few months of the year produce the most amazing yoga practices. It may have something to do with the warmth I feel inside compared to the chilling outdoors, or maybe it is just how my mood constantly is evolving as closure is upon me. Practice was beautiful tonight, full of partner work & balancing acts -- very fulfilling way to enjoy my day.

Distance: n/a
State of Mind: Changes...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What is with this up & down? Still felt pretty tired tonight, but I had a big night of running & resistance training in store. Met up with the group & did a usual loop, felt pretty tired at first but warmed up & finished strong. Afterwards, H & I headed to the Y to start our winter workout routine. Sounds fun, eh? Well, it was. We ended up doing 4 arm/leg exercises + 5 minutes of biking in between & finish with some abs. 2+ hours of working out never felt so good.

Distance: 6.5 miles + resistance training
State of Mind: Will do just about anything to get out of this funk

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Felt tired today, it is so strange to go from a high (Sunday/Monday) to a low today. But I headed down to the speed session, knowing that it would wake me up a bit. The temps are definitely dropping now, no more shorts & tshirt weather...that's for sure.

After a long warmup, coach said he wanted us to do 400's from GAP to 3rd street. Although much more than a 400, we did as he instructed. I ran mostly with (behind) M, just not motivated to pick it up as much as I should/could. We ended up doing about 8, which felt like forever to me.

Afterwards, I started my 100 pushup plan (with the hubs) by doing 5 sets of pushups -- 10, 12, 7, 7, 9. Felt great.

Distance: 2 mile bike, 2 mile warmup, 8x500's, .5 mile warmdown, 2 mile bike
State of Mind: Up & down...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Full of energy, I jumped at the chance of doing a loop around the park with a few people from the group. The moon was definitely the star tonight, glaring down at us while we crunched the leaves of the park. HM & N took off halfway through, but A & I weren't running slow. In some ways, I felt like we owned the park tonight...quiet, undisturbed...until we came through in a storm.

Distance: 5.35 miles
State of Mind: I wish every day felt this good

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marathon day is here, so very excited for all my friends. I truly feel like it is blessing & an honor to be able to run a marathon, especially what these New Yorkers call "the marathon".

To not bring down the day, H & I decided to meet up at the park prior to seeing the race to get a run in. It was a beautiful fall day, full of leaves, rain & a mellow breeze. Feeling a little sick from halloween night, we took it easy.

Afterwards, we spent the next 5 hours taking in the beautiful NYC marathon. What a treat. Congrats to all PPTC'ers, especially my girl S. What an amazement you are, my dear.

Distance: 5.35 miles
State of Mind: Amazed...seriously amazed.