Thursday, April 30, 2009

I feel like I repeat myself each week, but yoga practice was seriously so dope tonight. Ali wanted to impress a visiting teacher, so she definitely pulled out all stops. We really worked our lower backs & hamstrings, I physically feel so different after is crazy.

Distance: n/a
State of Mind: Getting close to being out of control, is that such a bad thing...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Met up with the regular Wednesday night crew, still not talking to long will this last? Listen, I'm sorry. We did a moderate loop around the park, it was great catching up with H. Afterwards, we all went down to Bar Sepia for a drink. Awkward, at times, but very nice. Even a new runner joined us. I had to jump out early, damn you couples therapy.

Distance: 3.35 miles running, 3 miles biking
State of Mind: Shin splits, tired legs, what does this mean?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There is nothing that would have stopped me from making practice tonight, everything just felt so perfect. Coach wanted us to meet at the Red Hook track again, which was so great. We really needed to push that memory back of us running in the rain & through the puddles.

K & I road our bikes together down there, the track really is in such a different place. I felt like our 25 min bike ride led us through a variety of neighborhoods.

We got there, did our warm up & Coach finally arrived to tell us we were doing 6x400 & 6x200. After the 400's, we had 90 secs to put our legs up the fence. Very creative, glad he is thinking of mixing things up. E sure pushed me tonight, she is just so talented.

The ride home was beautiful. Part of me wanted to just keep riding, home just didn't seem exciting at all.

Distance: 2.5 mile bike, 1 mile warm up, 6x400's, 6x200's, 1 mile warm down, 2.5 mile bike ride

State of Mind: Holding it together...barely

Monday, April 27, 2009

Had a crazy busy day at work, so needed to get out of Manhattan & out of my head. Did an easy loop around Fort Greene Park, felt really good with the breeze. Almost felt like floating away.

Distance: 3+ miles + core/abs
State of Mind: Jealousy is a funny thing

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I had an urge to go up to watch the ladies of NYC run the More full & half, think I just wanted a chance to get out of Brooklyn & enjoy Central Park again. Met up with R around 8:30am & did a scattered loop around the park...cutting the upper end of the park by taking in the reservoir. Saw M & E running a hard race, but didn't see anyone else.

Distance: 5 miles
State of Mind: No comment

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What an amazing day, seriously. We had a nice group show up today, everyone excited to run in the warmth of Spring. K & I had already talked about doing a tempo run during the long run today, to push ourselves beyond our normal get ready for our races. It was great having S back, she is one crazy girl...3:16 marathon while being out of shape.

As soon as we hit the West Side, K & I took off from the pack & held a quick clip for the next 3 or so miles. I honestly have no idea what our pace was, but I would guess somewhere around 7:30 or quicker. I was definitely working it, I can't believe how out of shape I felt. How in the world can I hold that pace for a longer distance? Maybe part of my exhaustion came from my workouts this week, I definitely pushed myself all week.

After we started heading back up to the bridge, we slowed down our pace (me more than her) & decided to part ways on Union & Court since I had a side stitch I couldn't get rid of. After gulping two glasses of water, the stitch disappeared & funnily enough I ran into Krish. We ended up making our way back to the park & back home together, which was perfect timing. Nice to have such a warm group of friends to run with in Brooklyn, I couldn't ask for more.

Distance: 13.2 miles
State of Mind: Glad I pushed myself, god, I need SO much more work

Friday, April 24, 2009

I hardly ever work out on Friday's, but R wanted to "try" I joined up with him at his pad near Central Park. We were only supposed to do 3 miles, but he seem to hold up fine so we ended up doing more like 5. We stopped a few times, he has no endurance, but it was definitely a great night to enjoy New York.

I always give mad props to Brooklyn, but I definitely could get used to the UES lifestyle.

Distance: 5 miles
State of Mind: I could get used to this.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ahhh, I wore my new LL shirt tonight, so predictable. Practice wasn't nearly as packed as I thought, but who cares...I really needed it. This month is all about celebrating the breath, letting go & accepting what is in front of you. So perfect for me.

I almost fainted in class once, I don't know what is wrong with me. Overwhelmed I guess. We tried a new pose tonight, something I haven't ever done before. I can't remember what it was called, but it entailed one leg bent up on the opposite thigh while balancing on your hands. I barely got it, but definitely felt where it needed to go.

There is something so revealing about yoga. So intimidating.

Distance: n/a
State of Mind: Falling deeper & deeper

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It rained off & on today, but stopped by the time I needed to meet the group for our usual Wednesday night run. It was the usual characters night, minus S & H. I really have felt like I needed a brutal workout to beat myself up & even after Sunday & Tuesday, I was looking for more. Pushed a hard loop around the park today, definitely felt it coming up the hill. Plus, I had Coach making sure I didn't slow down an inch.

Distance: 5.35 miles + abs & core at home
State of Mind: More, more, more

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a mysterious night foggy, misty & scary. Big group showed up for the speed session & K even snuck in for the workout. We ended up doing hill repeats by the lake. Ran with K & E, both of them killed me tonight. I tried as hard as I could, but I just couldn't keep up with the girls. Not even one repeat. The only way I kept it together was speeding up my down hill recovery to catch up with them. My main motivation was not letting M or D catch up to us, I knew it would be over once they passed us. Just shows how competitive I am, so sad sometimes.

Distance: 1.5 mile warm up, 10x 300m hill repeats, 2 miles warm down
State of Mind: Worked myself so hard, felt really good

To all of my brave friends that ran Boston, you are amazing!!! are my idol.

Was not even going to attempt to go outside last night, the wind & the rain were absolutely mad. Plus, that is what got me sick in the first place, trying to learn lessons from my past.

Stayed in & did a full body strength training workout in my living room, nothing major...just legs, core & arms focusing on isolation.

Distance: 3x lunges (3 variations), arms (2 variations), core (5 variations)
State of Mind: I don't like being in-between

PS -- I intentionally chose this photo to show the pain she must have felt.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ran the JFK Runway race this morning, it was a very interesting morning. It was a much bigger race than I anticipated & pretty disorganized to boot. We all met up at an airport building, where hundreds of people were mulling around. Soon enough we made out way to buses, where we were stalled for more than 15 minutes as the drivers figured out the race location. After finally making it to the start, the race officials delayed the race for about 20 minutes...but since it was a nice day, it wasn't all that bad.

It was a simple out & back course, basically about 1/4 on a somewhat windless strip going out, followed by over a mile of running with wind at our back.
At mile 1.5, we looped around a jet & made our way back...but the wind conditions were crazy. I tried to draft as much as I could but that barely helped. I started out in 5th position & made my way to 3rd by 2.5 miles...but the last girl I passed made her way back to me & out sprint me in the end. I wanted to try harder & was disappointed that I didn't give it more.

M did great, getting 2nd female...K & the hubs ran well too. We didn't stick around for awards, decided to get the hell out of there & head back to Brooklyn where bloody marys & eggs benedict were enjoyed by all.

Distance: 3.1 miles + warmup

State of Mind: Racing is fun, beater a girl on the last stretch is funner

Saturday, April 18, 2009

God, it is such an amazing day. Why, oh why, can't it be like this all year around. Even though I would have died to put in a good 15 miler, I tried my best to take Coach's advice & not over do it today. I ended up walking the park loop with B, it was nice to catch up with him & see a completely different view of the park. It is so hard watching runners pass me, with each one I got a little more anxious. I must learn control.

Distance: 2 miles running, 3.3 miles walking
State of Mind: Tomorrow better be worth it

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Okay, so this absolutely doesn't look like me...but I wanted to pay tribute to what I barely held tonight... one-legged wheel.

Another great yoga practice, feeling really good about my fitness right now. R showed up, which is always nice. There is something great about feeling the energy of the people around you. Still feeling sick, but so much better today. Except during opening mantras, where I had an uncontrollable coughing fit.
So not good namaste.

Distance: n/a

State of Mind: Struggling to see beyond

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last nights run definitely took it out of me, I woke up today feeling sicker than ever. I hate how out of control a cold can make you feel. I keep feeling further & further behind. God, I am such a control freak...

Ran a quick loop tonight with the group, mainly ran with M. She is such a kind woman, really nice to just chat with her. Had to run a little further than I liked tonight, cuz I couldn't miss out on couples therapy.

Seriously feel so ill, you never know how hard you push yourself until you get sick & have to really make an effort to do each & every little thing. Really don't want to be sick for the JFK race this weekend, let's pray I get better soon.

Distance: 5.14 miles
State of Mind: Blah, ugh, yuck

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coach had planned for us to spend two weeks of this session at the Red Hook track, which is really very exciting. It is so nice to get out of the park & to push myself in a more controlled environment.

Unfortunately, the weather really blew never stopped raining & was quite harsh on the track. Puddles, wind & freezing cold temps really didn't inspire me at all. But a ton of people showed up, so how can I complain. I even wore a rain jacket tonight, which is a big step up from Saturday.

Tonight's practice was actually quite difficult, except that I got paired up with Maggie/Emily during the first set & paired up randomly during the second. Not that I could complain at the time...but I really do need to start developing the confidence to hold it together no matter who I am running with OR for how long.

Distance: 2 mile warmup, (1000, 800, 400, 200) X 2 minus the last 200, half mile warm down
State of Mind: Cold, wet & tired of this weather

Monday, April 13, 2009

God, this is the second time this week that I didn't post about my workout until the next day. I guess that is telling you something, that I am running the candle a little too hot at both ends. No good excuses, at least nothing I want to talk about publicly...yet.

Only slept a few hours on Saturday night, so the run Sunday was a little brutal for me. But thankfully, the rain & clouds from Saturday disappeared & the sun filled the morning air with promise. The wind was once again almost intolerable, but I love wind so I can't complain.

Only other person who showed up today was Ami, we talked about so many things...from priests to weddings to kids to landlords. She is really a wonderful person to run with, always full of stories. Happy Easter!

Distance: 4.5 miles (+ about a mile of walking)
State of Mind: Rough, very rough

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It took me a while to get to the computer after the run this morning, mainly because I couldn't feel my fingers, hands, arms for the first hour or so after getting home today. I woke up super exhausted...not from over-training, but from an over-booked schedule. But truthfully I was really excited to get out of the house & spend a few hours giving my body a beating.

Like a good girl, I checked the weather immediately when I got up & found out that it was going to be overcast & 50 degrees...rain coming in the afternoon. So I geared up for a nice, cloudy-day run & headed out the door. Not 2 blocks away from my house & the rain started coming down. I thought about turning around & letting the bad weather pass, but I just couldn't find a reason why I wouldn't be able to tough it out.

It was a much smaller group today, just four of us decided to head out of the park. We decided to do the Battery Park loop in reverse, to avoid the hill back to the bridge. We did a very comfortable pace, not once did I feel like we were pushing it too hard. The run was actually quite peaceful & calming, but the downpour didn't let up the whole entire time. At one point, my arms looked a pinkish shade of purple, reminded me of how I felt during the Catalina marathon years ago.

I definitely think I am ready to start picking up the pace during the long runs, possibly stopping less & incorporating a tempo run into the mix. My legs feel great & I can't hardly wait for the showers to stop & the clear skies to come.

Distance: 13.1 miles
State of Mind: Hungry for more

Friday, April 10, 2009

So I had a few drinks after yoga last night & didn't end up getting home until the wee hours of the night. Wee hours meaning past 10pm. The studio was packed once more, there is something so very nice about rushing around all day to make it to a practice & being joined by 50 odd other yogis with the same energy & desire for more.

Ali spent a lot of the time talking about change, growth & fear...that we need to embrace what life has presented us with & keep pushing beyond. Life can be so confusing sometimes, I feel like I am presented with opportunities to keep pushing...but sometimes the opportunities are just one big trap.

We focused a lot on grace tonight, followed by partner work...which is always fun. In shavasana, I couldn't quite let go, I guess I felt another trap coming on.

Distance: Not as far as I wanted to go
State of Mind: Completely soaked

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I completely forgot that I had been given tickets to see the Detroit Pistons play the New York Knicks tonight, so although very sports-related...I will not be running tonight. Poor me. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Was so cold today, I really felt like skipping speed class...but I am a sucker for knowing a group will be there without me. We did two 2-mile tempo runs (5k pace) around the lake, which was really intimidating. It was so cold that my upper right quad muscle ached during the warmup, sure sign of bad things to come. But I tried really hard to keep it comfortable, which is not always easy for me. 

Ran with Maggie & Danielle, which was great. Learning from older (they would kill me for saying that) women/runners is really so valuable. They both enjoy their workouts immensely & really make it a positive, fulfilling experience.

The sky was this haunting color of rose tonight, perfect for my luring of the coach...which NEVER goes anywhere.

Distance: 1 miles warmup & 1 mile warmdown, two 2 mile tempo runs (14:44 & 15:10), plus 4 mile bike ride
State of Mind: Held back, feel like I wanted to give more...still do

Monday, April 6, 2009

Attended my very first PPTC board meeting god, it was quite the adventure. H & I ran down there & showed up very much on time. Sat through an hour of questions & updates followed by nearly two hours of Mary Wittenberg. For someone that sounds so despised by the general public, I felt that she was very eloquent & professional. Every question was followed by a very personal & thoughtful response, even the most insanely strange questions.

A lot of the usuals were there...including K who officialy made the board. Afterwards, B, H & S all went to a billiards place to get much needed drinks & dinner while watching the NCAA finals.

Distance: 2 miles, hardly
State of Mind: Don't like feeling under worked out & over drained by nonsense

Here's a photo from yesterday's race that H snapped, the hubs looks so beat up.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ran the Urban Environmental Challenge 10K in Van Cortland Park up in the Bronx today. Was nice to get together with some PPTCers & the hubs on an extremely beautiful, sunny Sunday morning.

Course was identical to last year...trails full of rocks, leaves & the every-so-often patch of mud. Started off too fast, as usual, but fought my way to finishing third overall female. My legs definitely felt yesterday's run, but in general I felt strong & stable. Even bettered my time last year by about one minute.

There is something so grounding about running trails, just feels natural & reminds me of growing up with nature surrounding me. Part of me feels like I retired a piece of myself when I left that life & moved to NYC, something that came out today for a moment.

H ran well, first overall female. She is something else, so relaxed & pleasant yet with such a fighting spirit. The hubs did great, looked beat up & happy. And B came out to cheer us on, which was a treat since I miss running with him.

Distance: 10K, finishing in 50:48 (remember this is a trail race full of hills)
State of Mind: My face feels burnt, my legs feel dead & my mind feels like fighting the natural calmness that comes over me when I physically beat myself up

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ran WAY too much today, was planning on doing 6-8 miles to rest for the Van Cortland trail race tomorrow...but I got a little carried away. I think I mainly needed a nice long run to clear my mind from my work week, but I need to learn how to manage myself better. Thankfully, a lot of the run was done at a very comfortable place & we stopped more than a few times to catch up with the group.

It was really nice to stay in Brooklyn today, there are so many interesting areas of Brooklyn that I want to explore during our summer runs.

Today, we did a loop around Greenwood Cemetery, back through the park & ran up & around Ft. Greene Park. It was fun running with different people today, from Gil to Brienne to Katie. Plus the usuals.

Distance: 12 miles (atleast 8 done at a very comfortable pace + 2-3 stops)

State of Mind: Upset for running too far today, why do I let these things rule my life

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I think I say this after every single practice, but yoga is seriously so amazing. In so many ways. I truly feel like it has saved me, over & over & over again. Practice tonight, with Ali, was truly beautiful.

I got to class late, had a stressful yet adventurous day at work. Jess & I barely made it before it was full but got perfect seats right in the middle of the madness. Definitely the good type of madness.

I have to say that in between the breath is where I always want to live. If I even deserve that.

Distance: n/a
State of Mind: Comfortably confused

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I had a much better day today, strange how everything comes full circle. Run was nice tonight, smaller group because of the rain but I am not one to avoid running due to weather. Growing up on the base of Mt. Rainier taught me that you enter the outdoors no matter what.

Distance: 5.2 miles + arms & core
State of Mind: What would I do with myself without running